Educational Goal

Due to Manhattanization and gigantism of buildings, the construction equipment is required to have functions of a higher quality and the fire safety (disaster prevention) facility & its management became socially important. Therefore, the Dept. of Building System Technology aims to produce high-class engineers who are required in the society and can actively respond to social change by providing an opportunity to the students of the existing department for practical intensive training.
Dept. of Building System Technology
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Career Opportunities

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Name of Course Educational Goal
Equipment English This course enables students to understand foreign design books in preparation for Korea-US FTA & knowledge acquisition in foreign major publications, specifications and practical tool & material manuals, etc. and to improve the ability to translate the design book into English.
Image Making This course covers educate the attitude, facial expression, dress, manner, etc. necessary for a professional engineer to give a comfortable & bright image to others at work or industrial site. Also, it cultivates appropriate communication skills by teaching speech, attitude, etc. necessary for consultation, compromise, adjustment, etc.
Noise & Vibration Engineering This course cultivates the ability to establish noise & vibration preventing plans, measurements, etc. by mastering the basic theory, impact, real state, measuring skills, measuring methods of noise & vibration.
Practice of Building Management This course educates the efficient management & operation of the building in terms of energy conservation and the consulting of new buildings.
Term Project This course educates students to become a general engineer by organizing & completing the knowledge acquired in the process of selecting a project by occupational group, discussing and making conclusions.
Practice of CAD (BIM) Architectural drawing of AutoCAD which is essential for design at the industrial site, air conditioning & heating facility, air conditioning, drainage & sanitation facility are gradually changing to a 3-dimensional operation. Thus, students can master 3-dimensional design ability throughout the entire facility by studying 3-dimensional Building Information Management(BIM) skills.
Practical Equipment Seminar This course trains students to achieve the ability of the professionals in the practical field through individual or group presentation, discussion and opinion gathering of the intensive research by each subject; the air distribution system of construction & fire safety equipment, water distribution system and fire prevention system.
Practice of Fire Fighting Equipment (Machinery, Electricity Field) Students will apply the overall construction methods, installation standards and design standard to the actual field of firefighting by mastering theory & practice relevant to the design of water based fire extinguishing system & gas based fire extinguishing system.
Practice of Fire Prevention This course cultivates the ability to apply the design, maintenance of installation, inspection, etc. of fire fighting facilities to industrial setting through practical training.
Direct Digital Control This course masters programming methods & DDC (Direct Digital Control) for design & operation of emergency equipment, security, lighting, power & machine installed in the building, configures & interworks automatic control and practices energy saving operation.
Green Building This course masters the eco-friendly design ability by learning energy load reduction, recycling, environmental pollution reducing technology, etc. to save energy and protect the environment.
Toilet Facility This course achieves water saving & the practical skills through intensive training on design and systematic research, development & planning on toilets.
Facility Optimization This course enables construction equipment design & fire protection design by educating the ability to interpret optimization using algebraic techniques, search method, linear, geometric programming & numerical analysis for the prediction & analysis of the thermal energy system from design to TAB.

Certificates to Obtain

※ C : Credit / H : Hour / T : Theory / P : Practice

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Name of Course Total Year 1 Year 2
1st Semester 2nd Semester 1st Semester 2nd Semester
Total 66 66 18 9 9 18 9 9 15 9 6 15 9 6
General Education Elective Image Making 3 3 3 3                    
Equipment English 3 3       3 3              
Subtotal 6 6 3 3   3 3              
Major Elective Practical Equipment
Seminar (1)
3 3 3 3                    
Practice of Air
conditioning Facility
3 3 3   3                  
Practice of Drainage &
Sanitation Facility
3 3 3   3                  
Practice of
Fire Machinery
3 3 3   3                  
Practice of
Building Management
3 3 3 3                    
Practical Equipment
Seminar (2)
3 3       3 3              
Practice of
Equipment Design
3 3       3   3            
Practice of
Equipment Survey
3 3       3   3            
Practice of Fire Fighting
Electricity Equipment
3 3       3   3            
Term Project (1) 3 3       3 3              
Term Project (2) 3 3             3 3        
Practice of CAD (BIM) 3 3             3   3      
Toilet Facility 3 3             3 3        
Practice of
Fire Prevention
3 3             3 3        
Direct Digital Control 3 3             3   3      
Major Project 3 3                   3   3
Green Building 3 3                   3 3  
Practice of
Facility Construction
3 3                   3   3
Noise Vibration
3 3                   3 3  
Facility Optimization 3 3                   3 3  
Subtotal 60 60 15 6 9 15 6 9 15 9 6 15 9 6