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The Dept. of Community Sports & Recreation is an advanced course in major that provides industry-matching education to college graduates of the same department to cultivate creative & practical sports-for-all instructors. By enforcing customized practice field, field training, major practice & vision providing-type theory education, the Dept. of Community Sports & Recreation secures a better position for sports-for-all instructors and provides visions to have a foundation for sports facility management.
Dept. of Community sports & Recreation
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Name of Course Educational Goal
Human Relations This course figures out the true meaning of a human by highlighting the human nature, characteristics, tendency, basic desire, etc. in philosophical · psychological · social position. Also, it covers the basic frame & role of human relationships in the position of human relations & consultation and understands its role such as communications, motivation, fraud management, self-realization, etc. Students can conduct research on joyful, difficult, successful & failure cases that humans experience in real situations between parents & children, husband & wife, teacher & student, senior & junior, boss & staff, etc. In addition, to improve human relations, this course enables students to achieve self-development that devotes to the organization's goal but also demonstrates personality by covering theory as well as practice of in-depth understanding of each other, acceptance of individual variation, process of drawing a conclusion, process of cooperation & competition, etc.
Sports Dietetics This course analyzes the nutrients necessary for body development & performance enhancement, studies necessary nutrients by type of exercise and educates efficient health care methods, prevention of adult diseases, energy metabolism necessary for sports activities, etc.
Life Saving in Water This course educates knowledge on water safety and overall basis & specific structural methods on life-saving in conjunction with swimming. Also, it enables students to cultivate the ability to cope with life-saving situations and master the corresponding techniques.
Youth Physical Education Youth physical education enables students to make the children physically, mentally, psychosocially pleasant and purify the children's emotions through systematic & professional physical activities. It also helps the children grow up to be a social leader by improving intelligence (IQ), emotion (EQ), morality (MQ) & sociality (SQ) and by inducing body growth, improvement of motor skills, cognitive development & cultivation of social skills through physical activities.
GX Program This course cultivates basic & application skills to make site-applicable programs by gathering sports that can be grouped such as aerobics, jazz dance, taebo, yoga, etc. and to conduct programs as an instructor.
Practice of Computer Literacy This course raises literacy of operation software & universal software which are used in the practical field. It also cultivates computerizing skills necessary in the modern society by increasing the internet-related knowledge, practical understanding & use.
Practical Course 1 In accordance with the entrance examination of the sports department, students enroll in 1 course among the basic sports, ball & other recreational sports each semester and increase the ability as an instructor by acquiring a more difficult skill, instructing methods, professional strength & skills, etc. Also, in the practical major where all the students gather and show a sense of unification, students will learn practical skills that has direct connection to the social advancement after graduation.
Sports Program Planning This course enables students to understand the role, usage & theoretical background of the sports program in the modern society and educates the basic skills to plan and conduct programs so that they can be directly applied. Also, students learn how to develop plans and programs that satisfy customer demand and how to graft them appropriately.
Personal Training As a form differentiated from general fitness training, students will learn how to analyze medical profiles & life styles and develop & instruct cultivated programs in a one-on-one status with the learner. Also, students can learn how to sign a contract with the center as an individual business and how to provide a differentiated personal health education service.
Golf Fitting This course studies the basic methods to produce and amend golf clubs that match the body and swinging style of the golfer. Also, because golf is a popular sport widespread to the public, demands and necessity for fitting is increasing which eventually makes golf fitting a technique appropriate to learn.
Spinning Rather than just pedaling in seats, this course creates various movements to the light music and cultivates practical ability to balance the upper and lower body strength through the detailed movement of the upper and lower body.
Practical Course 2 This course aims to build professionalism as an instructor including the detailed & professional skills, etc. through sophisticated activities in conjunction with practical course 1.
English Conversation Based on the various English reading materials, this course aims to acquire more vocabulary and increase reading & communication skills. Also, through activities before reading, during reading and activities & communication after reading, it aims to understand the details & main concept of the text provided and cultivates general English communication skills.
Motor Mechanics This course seeks for methods to maximize workout efficiency and disability sport analyzing methods through the cases of exercise analysis, anatomical & mathematical basis which is the basic knowledge necessary in motor mechanics.
Sports Taping Sports taping refer to the fixation of injured parts & the increase of performance. This course aims to master sports taping methods that enable match or practice of a short time.
Pilates As a typical aerobic exercise, this course is a muscle-strengthening exercise program that conducts core training of the center of the body. Students will research & study the advanced wellbeing exercise that pursues customized curriculums by level, part & age.
Field Training 1 This course aims to understand work features at the sports field and to increase site adaptability after graduation by visiting various sports-related organizations and field training.
Practical Course 3 In conjunction with practical course 2, this course aims to build professionalism & virtues of an instructor by cultivating various practical skills and selecting professional practical field.
Modern Society & Leisure The modern society has social characteristics such as industrialization, urbanization, aging, information & leisure due to the development of scientific technology. The development of scientific technology and communication increased the individuals' amount of spare time and made life convenient, but many have not been able to spend time appropriately due to their lack of understanding in leisure culture and its utilization. Based on these characteristics, this course enables students to study the characteristics of the modern society & leisure culture and to seek for healthy ways to spend time.
Sports Facility Management In order to make sports facilities that are built, operated and managed for the encouragement of healthy physical activities perform the function as a space for the people's physical activity, manage facilities as a space for maintaining · increasing the people's health & fitness and play the role as a space for resident interaction, this course aims to understand the overall sports facility management and masters the practical administrative management methods.
Sports Medicine This course studies overall understanding of insurance, insurance contract law, automobile insurance theory, significance & function of insurance according to risk management. Also, it establishes proper compensation & reimbursement relationships through the coverage & exemption range of automobile insurance by the type of security and cultivates practical skills through field training.
Sports Management This course studies the research methods of sports management, sports media video, understanding of sports marketing, social system & ethics of sports, sports media & ideology, etc. and understands the values of sports that do not have much effect on the modern society.
Field Training 2 In conjunction with field training 1, this course aims to increase the workability at the sports field by visiting various sports organizations and understanding work features.
Practical Course 4 In conjunction with practical course 3, this course aims to cultivate professional & practical teaching skills by mastering the skills & features of the field work.

Certificates to Obtain

※ C : Credit / H : Hour / T : Theory / P : Practice

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Name of Course Total Year 1 Year 2
1st Semester 2nd Semester 1st Semester 2nd Semester
Total 72 66 18 10 8 18 10 8 18 8 7 18 13 2
General Education Elective Human Relations 3 3 3 3                    
Practice of
Computer Literacy
3 3       3 3              
English Conversation 3 3             3 3        
Society & Leisure
3 3                   3 3  
Subtotal 12 12 3 3   3 3   3 3   3 3  
Major Elective Sports Dietetics 3 3 3 3 0                  
Life Saving
in Water
3 3 3 1 2                  
Youth Physical
3 3 3 1 2                  
GX Program 3 3 3 1 2                  
Practical Course 1 3 3 3 1 2                  
Sports Program
3 3       3 3 0            
Personal Training 3 3       3 1 2            
Golf Fitting 3 3       3 1 2            
Spinning 3 3       3 1 2            
Practical Course 2 3 3       3 1 2            
Motor Mechanics 3 3             3 3 0      
Sports Taping 3 3             3 0 3      
Pilates 3 3             3 1 2      
Field Training 1 3 0             3 0 0      
Practical Course 3 3 3             3 1 2      
Sports Facility
3 3                   3 3 0
Sports Medicine 3 3                   3 3 0
Sports Management 3 3                   3 3 0
Field Training 2 3 0                   3 0 0
Practical Course 4 3 3                   3 1 2
Subtotal 60 54 15 7 8 15 7 8 15 5 7 15 10 2