Educational Goal

The Dept. of Digital Electronics operates creative & practical education courses that are up-graded through project construction-based practical training of the latest & intense technology in the digital electronic field. Also, it cultivates professional engineers through an innovative engineering educational system and implementation of high-tech tools & materials since it is plays an important role in the industry-university college cooperative education program & brand department business, etc.
Dept. of Digital Electronics
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Career Opportunities

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Name of Course Educational Goal
RF Theory & RFID Basis Students analyze the characteristics of the transmission line & wave equation and study basic knowledge relevant to RFID by becoming fully aware of RF theory.
Embedded System Application This course focuses on the term project using ARM processors and embedded Linux.
Home Network Using practical equipments for home network, this course cultivates the ability to development a network through various sensors and relevant operation equipment.
RFID Design & Application This course cultivates the ability to utilize and design RFID antenna & system by using RFID practical equipment & HFSS.
Green Technology Application This course cultivates the ability to utilize environment-friendly technologies through studies on the overview, operation principles & features, application field, etc. on green elements such as LED, Solar Cell, etc.
Digital Media Engineering This course studies matching skills with the space, operation techniques & features of sound, video, lighting equipment, etc.
Electronic Application System This course cultivates the ability design an electronic application system using the technologies of the electronic application field.
Practical Marketing By casting several figures of the industry as an instructor, this course cultivates management concepts and practical marketing ability necessary for an engineer.

Certificates to Obtain

※ C : Credit / H : Hour / T : Theory / P : Practice

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Name of Course Total Year 4
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Total 24 2 12 6 6 12 4 8
Elective Practical Marketing 3 3 3 3        
Subtotal 3 3 3 3        
Major Required                  
Elective RF Theory & RFID Basis 3 3 3 1 2      
Embedded System Application 3 3 3 1 2      
Digital Media Engineering 3 3            
ERFID Design & Application 3 3       3 1 2
Home Network 3 3       3 1 2
Green Technology Application 3 3       3 1 2
Electronic Application System 3 3       3 1 2
Subtotal 21 21 9 3 6 12 4 8