Educational Goal

The Dept. of Electrical Engineering opened on-site practice-based education courses that are required in the industry to cultivate professionals in the general & facility control field of electricity.
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
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Name of Course Educational Goal
Field Training Students go through this course during the 2nd semester as a senior. This course aims to cultivate on-site practical abilities by submitting a result paper about the reform measures after grasping the problems of one's current work sector.
Graduation Project As an engineer majoring electrical engineering, this course aims to cultivate problem solving ability & cooperative spirit by forming a team to produce a product of a relevant field or the team's field of interest.
Renewable Energy While the interest & necessity for natural energy resources is increasing, this course studies the co-generation system in sun ray, wind power, geothermal heat, tidal energy & special energy fields.
Practical Sensor Energy This course studies the principle & application field of various types of sensors that can replace the sense of humans such as speed, pressure, distance, light, temperature, etc.
Visual C++ Through C++ which is the basis of this course, students will have an opportunity to apply it to MPC & MFC applications by understanding the definition & directions of Visual C++.
Electrical Circuit
Experimentation 2
This course cultivates electrical engineers with high site adaptability by connecting it with the Electrical Basic Experimentation course of Daelim University College and educating the circuit system necessary in electrical constructions & installations and the operation methods of various measuring equipment.
Digital System Design
and Practice
Based on the theory acquired from digital engineering, this course cultivates system designing ability applicable to various industrial electronic utilization fields by understanding digital circuits, electronic circuits, power electronic circuits, etc.
Electric and Electronic
This course studies the features & application fields of the conductor, semiconductor, dielectric & magnetic substances that are used in the electric · electronic field.
Power Electronics Application
This course enables students to understand movement principles of diode, transistor, SCR, GTO, TRIAC, etc. which are the elements of electronic control, and educates theory and practice on the element-applied electronic circuits.
Power System Engineering
This course educates students on overall understanding and management application facility of the system that is dealt in electronic engineering.
Computer Aided Design This course analyzes the study & frequency-response characteristic, etc. for electricity & electronic circuits using Matlab and PSPICE programs.
Electrical Equipment for
This course aims to increase students' ability necessary in design & construction of electrical equipment for extinguishment such as its alarm, evacuation induction, fire extinguishing & emergency facilities, etc.
Automation System Practice This course practices wiring that is applicable in the practical field by understanding the characteristics of elements that are used in various control circuits and by applying PLC in sequence control circuits.
Microprocessor This course requires students to acquire the ability & skills to understand and apply hardware & programming language of microprocessor.
Estimate and Design
for Equipment
This course trains students to increase the drawing design & estimation ability of electricity construction including power, lighting, power substation, interior wiring, etc. using electrical CAD.
Electric Train Application This course enables students to understand the electric train structure & facility design for substation facility, streetcar line, control-related system, etc. of electric train engineering.

Certificates to Obtain

※ C : Credit / H : Hour / T : Theory / P : Practice

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Name of Course Total Year 1 Year 2
1st Semester 2nd Semester 1st Semester 2nd Semester
Total 62 54 15 9 6 15 6 9 15 6 9 17 3 6
General Education Required Practical English
3 3 3 3                    
Introduction of Marketing 3 3       3 3              
Introduction of
Business Management
3 3             3 3        
Subtotal 9 9 3 3   3 3   3 3        
Major Required Field Training 8                     8    
Graduation Project 3 3                   3   3
Elective Renewable Energy 3 3 3 3                    
Practical Sensor Energy 3 3 3 3                    
Visual C++ 3 3 3   3                  
Electrical Circuit
Experimentation 2
3 3 3   3                  
Digital System
Design and Practice
3 3       3   3            
Electric and Electronic
3 3       3 3              
Power Electronics
Application Practice
3 3       3   3            
Power System
Engineering Practice
3 3       3   3            
Computer Aided Design 3 3             3   3      
Electrical Equipment for
3 3             3 3        
Automation System
3 3             3   3      
Microprocessor 3 3             3   3      
Estimate and Design for
3 3                   3   3
Electric Train Application 3 3                   3 3  
Subtotal 53 45 12 6 6 12 3 9 12 3 9 17 3 6