Art & Athletics Division

This division aims to cultivate entertainer · athletes

with international sensibility and talent that contribute to cultural development.

Dept. of Community Sports & Recreation

The Dept. of Community Sports & Recreation aims to cultivate professional instructors in community sports who can educate & guide social sports programs using scientific & systematic methods to promote the health & fitness of the people and to foster those with a healthy mind & body that the nation & industrial society requires.
Dept. of Community Sports & Recreation
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Career Opportunities

Sports Instructor / Leisure Sports Instructor / Life Guard Instructor / Community Sports Administrative Instructor / Youth Instructor / Child Sports Trainer / Office Management
in Sports-related Fields
* Students who complete the intensive bachelor's degree program (2 years) in the Dept. of Community Sports & Recreation after a two-year course
in the same major can receive a Bachelor's Degree in Community Sports & Recreation.

Certificates to Obtain

Sports-for-all Instructor (Grade 3) / License for Activity Instructor (Swimming, Aerobics, Tennis, Golf, Dance Sports) / Recreation Instructor (Grade 2) / License for Life Guard / License for Judge