Educational Goal

The Dept. of Automotive Engineering cultivates professionals in vehicle controlling through the theory and practice education on the overall automobile management such as the design · production · assembly · inspection · dealing with car accidents, etc.
Dept. of Automotive Engineering
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Career Opportunities

Automobile-related Companies & Laboratory / Automobile Insurance Companies (Department of Damage Claim) / Auto Mechanic & Inspector / Korea Transportation Safety Authority / Road Traffic Safety Association / Korean Railroad Corporation / Korean Highway Corporation / Automobile Part Supplier / Various Car Management Field / Field of Certifying & Dealing New & Second-hand Car
* Students who complete the intensive bachelor's degree program (1 year) in the Dept. of Automotive Engineering after a three-year course in the same major can receive a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.

Certificates to Obtain

Industrial Engineer Motor Vehicles Maintenance / Industrial Engineer Motor Vehicles Inspection / Industrial Engineer Construction Equipment / Industrial Engineer Railway Vehicles / Industrial Engineer Air Pollution Environmental / Motor Vehicles Controller