Educational Goal

The Dept. of Building System Technology cultivates junior technicians with high field adaptability by acquiring specialized knowledge and skills of the air-conditional equipment, sanitary system, fire-fighting equipment, automatic control systems fields for a more comfortable, convenient & safe design · construction · management of the residential space in buildings.
Dept. of Building System Technology
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  • Faxtitleline +82-31-467-4828

Career Opportunities

Design (Equipment Planning & Designing, Construction Supervision, Equipment Diagnostics) / Construction (Construction Management of a Construction Company, CM, Integration) / Building Maintenance / Special Equipment (Clean Room, Renewable Energy, Ubiquitous) / Facility-related Equipment Manufacturing / R&D (Research Institute, Technical Institute) / Officials of Public & Technical Posts / Fire Official (Administrative, Technical Post) / Fire Fighting Equipment Design & Construction / Fire Fighting Supervision & Safety Management / Arson & Dangerous Article Safety Management / Fire Fighting Equipment Production / Safety & Security Technology (Manufacturing, Flame Resistibility Test Manufacturing) / R&D (Control of Construction Environment in Research & Technical Institute, Research relevant to Energy · Wellbeing, Research Institute, Technical Institute) Fields

Certificates to Obtain

Industrial Engineer Building Facilities / Industrial Engineer Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Machinery Industrial Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities (Mechanical, Electrical) / Industrial Engineer Industrial Safety