Educational Goal

The Dept. of Convergence Biomedical Engineering cultivates professional technicians required in the health & medical device industry which is considered as the cutting-edge technology of the future. By fusing engineering technologies such as materials for bio & medical treatment, etc. based on the amalgamated technology of material engineering, information · electronic engineering, etc., students learn basic knowledge and specialized skills necessary in the development & operation of the medical device. Also, they combine the basic & applied science that the medical industry requires with theory and experiments to cultivate competent & professional technicians who are acquainted with the medical basic theory & engineering usage methods that can contribute to the development of medical technology.
Dept. of Convergence Biomedical Engineering
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Career Opportunities

Medical Institution (Hospital) / Metal Material-related Industrial Field / Medical Device Development-related Field / Health Care-related Field / Biomedical Engineering & Health Care-related Research Institute / Health Care-related Public Official / Rehabilitation Device & Artificial Limb, Orthosis Production Company / Medical Image Processing-related Field / Electricity · Electronics-related Company / Computer Industry Field / Bio-psychology-related Company & Sports Medicine-related Field / Welfare Agency / Mechanical Design & Manufacturing-related Field / Medical Device-related Opening & Establishment / Fitness & Wellness Company-related Field / Internal & External University Transfer, etc.

Certificates to Obtain

Industrial Engineer Biomedical / Artificial Limb · Orthosis Engineer, Industrial Engineer Metal Material (third class), License for Dental Technologist, General License for Radioisotope Handling, Industrial Engineer Radiation Nondestructive Testing, Industrial Engineer Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing, Industrial Engineer Information Processing, Industrial Engineer 3D CAD, Industrial Engineer Electronics, Industrial Engineer Electricity, Industrial Engineer Office Automation, Other Certificates for Electricity/Electronic · Machine · Paint/Ceramic, Measurement-related Certificates, Computer-related Certificates, Medical Information Controller, Hospital Coordinator, etc.