Educational Goal

The Dept. of Digital Electronics cultivates creative & high-adaptability-equipped professionals required by the industry by systematically educating students on analog electrical circuit design & application technology, RFID design & application technology, digital circuit & application technology, microprocessor (AVR, ARM processor) application technology, embedded system technology, home & network application technology, etc. to engage in areas relevant to ubiquitous-based technology.
Dept. of Digital Electronics
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Career Opportunities

Electronic Circuit Design & Production Field / RFID Design & Application Field / Microprocessor Application Field / Embedded System Field / Home & Ubiquitous Sensor Network / Linux Application Field / Semiconductor Field / Communications Field / Electronic Equipment & Measurement Operation Field / Medical Equipment Field

Certificates to Obtain

Industrial Engineer Electronics / Industrial Engineer Radio Telecommunication Equipment / Industrial Engineer Information Communication / Industrial Engineer Communication Cable / Industrial Engineer Computer Maintenance Control / Industrial Engineer Broadcasting Communication