Educational Goal

Through hands-on education adjusted to the technical process of areas related to electronic communications and industry demand, in other words, through the systematic & efficient education for RF related technology, communication circuit designing technology, communication system management & application technology, information transforming technology, etc., the Dept. of Electronic Communications cultivates professionals who can actively respond to the various and rapidly evolving technology of the telecommunications field.
Dept. of Electronic Communications
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  • Faxtitleline +82-31-467-4908

Career Opportunities

Communications Engineering Technician / Communication Network Design & Operation Technician / Communication Equipment Installation & Management / Communications Engineer / Communications Equipment Engineer / Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer / Network Engineer / Optical Communications Researcher / Light Wave Researcher / Radio Technician / Security System Technician / Optional Network Supervisor / Video Communications Researcher / Satellite Communications Equipment Researcher / Ground System Researcher · Information Network Researcher / Communication Channel Researcher / Wireless Communication Channel Researcher / Communication Signal Processing Researcher / Digital Switch Equipment Designer / Communications Intelligent Network Researcher / Broadcasting Communication Equipment Design Institute / Broadcasting Equipment Design Institute / Transmission Equipment Design Institute / Optical Communication Problems Handler / Ship Operator / Ship Correspondent / Chief Wireless Operator / Air Wireless Operator

Certificates to Obtain

Industrial Engineer Radio Telecommunication Equipment / Industrial Engineer Information Communication / Industrial Engineer Communication Cable / Industrial Engineer Radio Communication / Industrial Engineer Broadcasting Communication / Industrial Engineer Radio Telecommunication Equipment