Educational Goal

The Dept. of Culinary Art is a specialized department that cultivates the personality of the students as professional managers in the food service industry which is becoming specialized, diversified and globalized by educating students to develop the ability to apply & be skilled in the highly sophisticated practical training that the food service industry requires. It contributes to the enhancement of the food service industry & its development and trains excellent middle managers that are capable to lead globalization of the industry. Also, it aims to cultivate human resources who can play a pivotal role in the food service industry in Korea through university-industry connections.
Dept. of Hotel & Dining Culinary Art
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Career Opportunities

Food · Beverage & Cooking Field in Hotel / Family Restaurant / Fast Food Restaurant / Restaurant with Specialty / Catering Company / Research Institute for Food Service · Cooking / Restaurant Establishment / Food Service Consulting

Certificates to Obtain

Craftsman Cook (Korean Food), Craftsman Cook (Western Food), Craftsman Cook (Japanese Food), Craftsman Cook (Chinese Food), Craftsman Confectionary Making, Craftsman Breads Making, Craftsman Bartender, Barista, License for Food Coordinator