Dept. of Liberal Arts

Educational Goal

Since the establishment in 1977, the Dept. of Liberal Arts is in charge of the education in liberal arts based on the spirit "to cultivate cultured technicians" of Daelim University College.
Dept. of Liberal Arts
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Introduction of the Dept. of Liberal Arts

Since the establishment in 1977, the Dept. of Liberal Arts is in charge of the education in liberal arts based on the spirit "to cultivate cultured technicians" of Daelim University College.While the major curriculums provide knowledge of various professional fields according to job divisions of the modern society, the curriculums liberal courses cultivates a broad range of intellectual knowledge and basic learning ability which is commonly required in the knowledge-based society. The balance between the curriculums of major & liberal courses is the basis of university education which can cultivate talented people. Accordingly, the Dept. of Liberal Arts of Daelim University College developed and is currently operating programs that can increase knowledge, intellectual judgment, moral responsibility, etc. on Human · Society · Nature · Culture and the basic learning ability essential for cultivating industrial technologies and talented people of the information-oriented · diversified society. Also, it provides various educational opportunities by opening various courses that have different contents & sectors by major and develops new educational contents & teaching methods under the prospect of the future society in accordance with the changes of the time. Finally, the Dept. of Liberal Arts aims to take charge of future education that can help students become a professional · happy citizen of the 21C who has basic learning ability, software-type thinking and cultural knowledge.

Educational Goal

The knowledge-based society where we are currently living on is demanding a talented people with creativity, personality and refinement, potential basic skills as well as knowledge of specialized areas. The Dept. of Liberal Arts aims to enhance basic learning ability, discernment in value & creative thinking through basic education such as literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, foreign language, etc. and to cultivate various intellectual capacities and social · esthetic sensibility by establishing cross interacting courses of the Engineering · Humanities & Social Science · Science · Arts & Athletics Divisions. The Dept. of Liberal Arts parsues to cultivate competent professionals with professional skills based on the basics and a healthy personality through various & high-quality liberal arts education that combine the basic & application sector.

Career Opportunities

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Writing & Communication To foster proper language and emotion, this course teaches a broad range of Korean & Korean literature, trains qualifications as a citizen by mastering practical writing, activates the function of letters, develops and cultivates personality as a cultured person.
Life & Vocational Ethics The vocational ethics education aims to help students gain a firm value and strong vocationnecessary for a professional. Vocation as a professional can be faced through ‘unified energy field' which tries to save all creations, in other words the insight into life. Also, students will have an opportunity to realize that they must live a honest, sincere and warm life.
History & the present Through the history, this course raises the integral thinking and fundamental understanding on human life such as the current social phenomenon, culture, etc. Also, it aims to cultivate basic knowledge on current issues, cultural communication skills and identity necessary in the age of globalization.
Walk-through Literature This course cultivates refinement that is necessary as a citizen of a democratic society, develops the artistic eye and takes a look at the literary work of famous writers to gain a wide discerning eye of reflection on life.
Chinese writing Because 75% of Korean is Sino-Korean words, we have to know the Chinese Characters to understand the exact meaning throughout our political, economic, society and culture. Thus, this course is essential for mastering Chinese Characters that are used in real life to increaselinguistic capacity.
East-West Culture Understanding By taking a look at customs · culture of various countries of the world, this course enables students to develop the ability to look at check our current periodical, spatial position and to have a broad understanding of family & marriage system, religious system, food culture, etc. from around the world.
Design & Life To distinguish a good design and a bad one, this course trains students to analyze and explore all design fields that they encounter in everyday life and figure out what kind of impact design has on life & culture and also their interaction.
Meditation & Self Through serious reflection and meditation about ‘me', this course cultivates the ability to control thoughts & emotions and helps the students to raise a personality necessary to live in harmony by building a healthy body & mind.
Exercise & Health Recently, the aging population aged over 65 exceeded 7% of the total population and the average life expectancies are also increasing. Exercise is essential to extend a healthy life span with no degenerative diseases. This course teaches the benefits and introduces detailed methods of exercise.
Administrative Information Society The quality of life that we enjoy throughout our life as a member of the society differs very much according to the role and function of the government. Thus, this course teaches how we are related to administration and enables students to prepare for a more meaningful social life by learning what administrative knowledge is necessary for living a life.

Teaching Courses

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Introduction to Education Introduction to Education is a course about education. It studies the theory to implement appropriate education, understand the concept, type & history of education and aims to understand educational methods, evaluation & student guidance methods.
Educational Methodology Educational Methodology aims to cultivate the ability to write specifically & use a lesson plan & lesson guidance plan after acquiring the knowledge necessary in practical training methods & lesson planning.