Educational Goal

The Dept. of Library and Information Science cultivates professional librarians who can manage·operate information resources of the library & information center, teacher librarians who can operate elementary·middle·high school library & take charge of reading education and daycare teachers who can take charge of preschooler book reading at childcare institutions.
Dept. of Library and Information Science
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Career Opportunities

Public Library / School Library / University Library / Special Library & Information Center (media organization, hospital, financial institution, law institute, etc.) / Company Library / Childcare Institution (kindergarten, nursery, etc.) / Information Provider / Web Designer
* Students who complete the intensive bachelor's degree program (1 year) in the Dept. of Library and Information Science after a three-year course in the same major can receive a Senior Librarian Certificate and a Bachelor's Degree in Library and Information Science.

Certificates to Obtain

National License : Junior Librarian, Teacher Librarian, Daycare Teacher License
Civil License : Internet Information Provider, Children Reading Instructor, Preschooler Reading Instructor, Chinese Character Teacher for Children, etc.