Dept. of Life Long Education

Purpose of Establishment

The Dept. of Life Long Education recognized its role as an important organization that leads the information society and lifelong educational function & value of the college. It aims to prepare for a creative & active personal life in the modern society where education other than school education is continually demanded and further more to provide an opportunity of self-realization. Also, this department aims to contribute to the development of national & local community, to serve for the community as well as to conduct self-development by providing courses that can respond to the overall social changes such as the political, economical, social, cultural change of the globalized, information-oriented & localized era and by opening a new chapter of open education, life education & lifelong education that can strive through the new wave of civilization.
Dept. of Library and Information Science

Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Academic Credit
Bank System
Associate Degree Program :
A system that enables a person with a high school diploma to achieve an associate degree (college bachelor's degree) through the Academic Credit Bank System
[Dept. of Security Guard Subject of Study] [Dept. of Child & Family]
Bachelor Degree Program
A system that enables a person with an associate degree to achievea 4-year college bachelor's degree through the Academic Credit Bank System without being transferred
Intensive Bachelor's
Degree System
A system that enables a person with anassociate degree or higher to achieve field performing ability & 4-year college bachelor's degree at the same time by providing an opportunity of reeducation and conducting education for responding to the rapidly changing technology of the highly industrialized society.
Part-time Course System A system that enables a personwith a high school diploma or with anassociate degree to achieve an associate degree or a 4-year college bachelor's degree by enrolling into this department of Daelim University college as a part-time student according to the needs of him/herself.

Certificate Obtaining Process

The certificate can be divided by various types, functions, fields, management subjects, etc. depending on the standard of the classification. Also, when divided by management subjects it can be classified into 3 groups; national qualification, nationally recognized civil qualification, civil qualification.

General Course

Educational Cooperation with Overseas Companies
Education Course
Since it is an era of tumultuous change, this course aims to respond actively to the rapidly changing modern society by self-development, acquiring professional skills and by using personal & professional knowledge.
Language Course This course aims to improve communication skills in accordance with the foreign language ability in the 21C which is the era of infinite competition through intensive training of listening & speaking with a native speaker.
Arts & Physical
Education Courses
This course aims to create an environment for sports-for-all where everyone can easily participate by developing various sports-for-all programs in terms of national welfare.