Dept. of Life Long Education

Educational Goal

The Dept. of Security Guard Subject of Study maintains public peace & order and provides public safety services that can protect citizens' freedom & rights by teaching studies on protocol, police investigation, terrorism, traffic police, criminology, arresting techniques, martial arts, etc. to build the 21C into a safe society. Also, it provides basic knowledge & systematic education on the theory of ceremonial guard in order to actively respond to the demand for public order & security such as the social activities for personal leisure. This department cultivates the best professional guards through protocol · guard · security practice · martial arts · personality education.
Dept. of Library and Information Science
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  • Faxtitleline +82-31-467-4505

Career Opportunities

Special National Institution : Presidential Security Service, National Intelligence Service, Military Investigation Institution (Military police, military commission, etc.)

Criminal Justice Institution : Police, Prosecutor, Court, Correctional Institution, Fire Fighting Government Office, Probation Office, Law Office, Judicial Scrivener

Special Machinery of Law : Customs, Immigration, Narcotics Squad

General Business : Large Corporation, Private Security & Professional Bodyguard Company (S1, Caps, etc.), Financial Institution (Security guard)

Others : Personal Bodyguard for Members of National Assembly & Celebrity, Gym Instructor, Sport-for-all Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor

Certificates to Obtain

Local & Public Official, Police Officer · Fire Fighter, Security Instructor (Police), License for Guard (Bodyguard Association), Taekwondo, Judo, Hapkido, Martial Arts, Certified Labor Attorney (Ministry of Labor), Real Estate Broker (Ministry of Construction & Transportation), Judicial Scrivener (Office of Court Administration), License for Legal Practice (Korea Constitutional Law Association), Fire Fight Safety & Management (Fire Safety Association), Computerization-related License (Internet Information Searcher, Grade 1/2), etc.