Educational Goal

This department aims to cultivate professionals with high field adaptability through advanced education of mechatronics technology that is applied in the design & production of the automated system. Students will be provided with basic courses in machinery · electricity · electronics · computer, etc. as well as intensive courses in PLC · robot control · CAD/CAM, etc., and will acquire practical business skills through experiments & practical experience related to these courses.
Dept. of Mechatronics
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Career Opportunities

Automated Equipment Design & Production / Robot System Operation / Hydraulic and Pneumatic Application Control / CAD · CAM · CAE System Application / Automated System Control Facilities & Operation / Micro-processor Application Technology / PLC Equipment & CIM Operation / Measuring Instrument Manufacturing Fields

Certificates to Obtain

Industrial Engineer Manufacturing Automatization / Industrial Engineer Machinery Design / Industrial Engineer Computer Aided Manufacturing / Industrial Engineer Precision Measuring