Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Educational Goal

This department aims to cultivate professionals for the entire machine industry field including designing, manufacturing, research & development, management, etc. by developing the ability to work in the field. For various mechanical engineering techniques(in the field of industrial engineering such as automobile, aviation, shipbuilding, construction, thermo-fluidic, railway rolling stock, machine tool, factory automation, etc.), students will learn English and computer programming as well as basic & specialized knowledge of dynamics and the latest field practice related to mechanical engineering. Also, they will have the opportunity to master theories & executive abilities related to computer application (CAD/CAM/CNC/CIM/FMS).
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
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Career Opportunities

CAD/CAM(Modeling) / Aircraft Industry / Construction Industry / Automobile Industry / Heavy and Chemical Plant / Factory Automation / Steel Industry / Shipbuilding / Railway Rolling Stock / Various Machinery Business & A/S Fields

Certificates to Obtain

Industrial Engineer Computer Aided Manufacturing / Industrial Engineer Construction Equipment / Industrial Engineer Machinery Maintenance / Industrial Engineer Construction Equipment Maintenance / Industrial Engineer Machinery Design / Industrial Engineer Precision Measuring / Industrial Engineer Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Machinery / Industrial Engineer Welding / Industrial Engineer Industrial Safety / Industrial Engineer Manufacturing Automatization / Industrial Engineer Machine Fitting / Industrial Engineer Agricultural Appliances