Educational Goal

By solving the problems of the individual, family & community of the modern society and satisfying human needs, the Dept. of Social Welfare aims to increase the quality of life of all people. Also, it cultivates professionals equipped with necessary knowledge and skills through education & training in social welfare policy·administration as well as its practice.
Dept. of Social Welfare
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Career Opportunities

Public Sector

Exclusive Official for Social Welfare (Local Official, Administrative Position Level 9, Social Welfare Profession of Cities & Provinces) / Health Insurance Association / National Pension Service

Private Sector (Various Social Welfare Organizations & Facilities)

Social Welfare Center / Child Welfare Center / Youth Welfare Center / Welfare Center for the Disabled / Senior Welfare Center / Women's Welfare Center / Health Family Support Center / Volunteer Center / Rehabilitation Sponsoring Institution / Counseling Institution / Hospital / Public & Private Nursery / Local Child Center, etc.

Career Opportunities by Certificate

Social Worker: Social Welfare Center / Senior Welfare Center / Welfare Facilities for the Children, Teenagers, Disabled, Senior, Women / Exclusive Official for Social Welfare / Volunteer Center / Hospital / Rehabilitation Sponsoring Institution / Welfare Foundation

Daycare Teachers: Public Nursery / Private Nursery

Care Helper: Elderly Care Facility / Adult Day Care Center

After School Child Care Teacher: Social Welfare Center / Nursery / Local Child Center

Certificates to Obtain

Social Worker (Grade 2), Daycare Teacher (Grade 2)