Borrowing/Returning Instructions

Borrowing / Returning Instructions

Use website
  • Students can use the library website (http://lib.daelim.ac.kr)for necessary guidance, information, searching, etc.
  • Also, students can search for books through the total search of the library website.
Number of Books & Period for Loan
Classification Number of Books Period
Student 5 books 15 days
How to borrow books
  • 01. Search for books
  • 02. Request for loan :  Submit book & ID card
  • 03. Processing : Verify due date
How to return books
  • When returning books, only the borrowed book is necessary.
  • The borrowed book must be returned within the due date.
Information on Overdue
  • Overdue means that the book is late for return. Students are charged an overdue fine or restricted from loans for the days multiplied by the number of overdue books.
  • The overdue fine is 50 won per book a day.
  • Students cannot issue certificates of studentship and the leave of absence is deferred.
Extension of Due Date

Students are allowed to extend the due date Extension of due date is allowed for 4 days up to 1 time via "Status of Loan/Subscription/Extension" on ‘My Library' of the library website.

Compensation for Loss
  • Refer to Article 29 (Compensation) of the library regulation
  • If the borrowed book is lost or damaged, the borrower must compensate by providing the same book.
  • If impossible, the borrower must pay twice the amount in cash.
  • In case of damage to facilities or actions of theft, the person must compensate for the damage by providing a same product.

Subscription Services

If a book is out, an icon will appear on the current status of the detailed page.

  • If a wanted book is borrowed by someone else, subscription function can be used.
  • Library website -> search for book -> borrowed book -> detailed information -> click
  • When the subscribed book is returned the subscriber will receive a SMS.
  • The subscriber must frequently check ‘My Library' of the library website since there is a possibility of failure in sending the SMS.

How to use Academic DB

Connected from inside or outside of the college

Most of the academic DB purchased by the library can only be used within the IP scope of Daelim College. However, if a person wants to use the DB from outside, he/she must log in to the library website before use.