Procedures for Joining Clubs

Procedures to become a club member

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Qualifications for club enrollment
  • A minimum of 20 members are required and they must be from at least 3 different departments.
  • Approval from the academic advisor is necessary and all documents for enrollment must be submitted.
Submission of documents for club enrollment: By March 31st of each year (Forms are available at the office of student affairs)
  • 1 copy of application for club enrollment
  • 2 copies of written pledges
  • 1 copy of the academic advisor's accreditation
  • 1 copy of the academic advisor's guiding principle
  • 1 copy of yearly operating plan
  • 1 copy of equipment list
  • 1 copy of the club regulations
  • 1 copy of the club's performance data
  • ※ The club's performance data is unnecessary for new clubs and is provisional up to a year. After a year, it becomes an official club.
  • ※ Similar clubs are unacceptable.
M. R. A (Moral Re-Amament)
  • Student Hall 2F G0215
  • Through the sing-out and the 4 spirit of absolute honesty, purity, safety and love,
    M. R. A. aims to make the corrupted and inconsistent world into a clean & loving world
R. C. Y
  • Student Hall 2F G0206
  • All Red Cross under a large ideology of humanitarianism leads the practice of love & service.
Rgoshipda Rchan
  • Student Hall 2F Club association
  • Diverse voluntary works and talent donation activities allow the members to realize that we all are part of the community
    while developing positive traits.
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