Guidelines for using the library

  • When entering or exciting the library, the student must scan his/her own student ID card (ticket) at the entrance. The student who lends his/her ID card (ticket) to another person is responsible for all the accompanying matters.
  • If a student takes data out of the library without borrowing it, an alarm installed at the exit will operate and the student will be punished for the act.
  • As a rule, a student ID card of Daelim is necessary for entering the library. If the ID card is lost or under issuance, the student must apply for a temporary ticket (at the 3rd floor entrance) and input user information on a card equipped with a RF chip to enter the library.

Suam Library Hours

Floor Lab Semester Vacation Closed
3F Information Commons 09:00~21:00 09:00~17:00 National holiday (including Sundays),
general stocktaking period
4F General Reference Room 09:00~21:00 09:00~17:00 National holiday (including Sundays),
general stocktaking period
4F Multi Purpose Room 09:00~21:00   Open throughout the year

What is ‘Information Commons'?

Information Commons refers to an "Advanced integrated library service model that centralized the physical space, digital space, facilities and service strategies to satisfy the modern users' demands for new information."

Use the library

In case a freshman wishes to use the library, he/she must take an "Online user education contents" via library website (http://lib.daelim.ac.kr). The students who have not followed the instructions will receive restrictions on library usage until the content is taken.

Number of Books & Period for Loan
Classification Number of Books Period
Student 5 books 15 days

Overdue means that the book is late for return. Students are charged an overdue fine of 50 won per book a day or restricted from loan for the days equivalent to that of overdue.

Extension of due date

Extension of due date is allowed for unsubscribed books up to 1 time via website. If the student has a overdue book, extension is impossible. Click ‘Extension' via ‘Status of Loan->Subscription->Extension' procedure on ‘My Library' of the library website.

Search for a book via library website

Click ‘Subscribe' on the current status of the wanted book -> Check ‘Status of Loan /Subscription' of ‘My Library' If the student does not borrow the book in 2 days of receiving a SMS that indicates the arrival of the subscribed book, the priority of borrowing falls into the next person.

Automatic Returning Machine

When returning books after library hours, students can use the automatic returning machine installed on the 1F of Suam library
(Overdue books are unaccepted)

Loss / Compensation

The person must pay for the lost book or buy the same book as the lost one. If the book is out of print, refer to the librarian.

Ordering Books

Request through the ‘Ordering/Check' on ‘My Library' of the library website Students can check the status of the wanted book. It takes about 2 weeks for domestic books and 4 weeks for foreign books to arrive.

Instructions for Library Usage

Pre-education for using the library is conducted as a tour by applying to the "Library user education" contents educating department through the library website or to the Information Commons general information center.

Guidelines for using Inter loaning Service

Inter loaning service is a service of providing books that are not stocked in Suam library by requesting to other twinned libraries & organizations.

How to use inter loaning service

The person must sign up for a membership (designate the affiliated organization as "Sungkyul College") of KERIS or NDSL, obtain confirmation for the student ID card at the Information Commons general information center on the 3F of the library and receive confirmation as user.

Data obtainment

Present student ID card at the general information center, pay for the expenses and receive data

Guidelines for using Rarity Shelf

Rarity shelf stores out-of-print books or books that are rarely read and is located in a special area other than the 4F general reference room. Application process is necessary at the circulation desk of the general reference room when using the data.
* The data will indicate ‘Rarity shelf' on the current status, when searching on the library website. It will take about 10 minutes for the application process.

Guidelines for using Group Study Room

As a space for small group study, it is available through "Library Website – Library Services – Group Study – Subscription." The room is automatically cancelled if students do not come within a certain amount of time. Students must keep in mind that the designated seats will be automatically returned if they exit the room while use and do not re-enter within a certain amount of time.

  • Hours for subscription: before a day ~ 1 week
  • Available hours per day: maximum 2 hours (Extension is available 1 time)

Guidelines for the Disabled

We support the following services to assist the disabled.

  • Provide a librarian only for the disabled
  • Provide seats only for the disabled
  • Provide parking lots only for the disabled
  • Provide entrance only for the disabled
  • Provide elevators