General Subject DB (Domestic)

DBpia (http://www.dbpia.co.kr)

DBpia makes it possible to access, print and download data of various fields such as humanities, society, education, language, engineering, business economics, administrative law, theology, arts & physical education, medicine, etc., 1,200 different types of publications and 1 million papers.
In case of damage to facilities or actions of theft, the person must compensate for the damage by providing a same product.

KISS (http://kiss.kstudy.com)

KISS is a domestic electronic journal made by KSI (Korean Studies Information). Publications issued at domestic academic societies are contained. KISS makes it possible to conduct searching by keyword, publication & field. Also, it is capable to read, print and download 1.2 million journals and papers.

LawnB Law DB (http://www.lawnb.com)

As the one and only professional law DB in Korea, LawnB makes it possible to search, save and print legislation/ precedent/ administrative data/ documental information/ journal of law/ form information/ judicial affairs/ information on people in legal profession/ general law/ tax information/ news on law/ lawsuit guidance without logging in.

North Korean Food DB (http://www.yescnc.com/cook/main.aspx)

3,700 different recipes on North Korean staple, traditional cuisine, catering, regional cuisine, etc. as well as photos, videos, etc. are contained.

General Subject DB (Abroad)

EBSCO VSC (http://search.ebscohost.com)

VSC is a DB designed to satisfy the broad technical education, research and demand for vocational education. It provides various technical education, research/ study information & trends of occupational cluster and industrial information through full text including 1,870 different journals, magazines & monographs.

Subject Field

  • Accounting / agriculture / life science / CAD/ early childhood education / counseling / electrical & electronic technology / fashion design/ graphic design / hotel management / landscape / tourism / fire technology / welding / automotive technology / architecture / ceramics / computer technology / machinery & heavy
    equipment/ environmental technology / food services / beauty treatment / interior design / air-conditioning ventilation equipment / robotics / forestry / veterinary

Electronic Magazine

The electronic magazine contains 198 different major/ technology/ general education magazines that are domestically under publication. Also, people are capable to conduct easily searching by browsing through an article & classifying subjects into each field and can read all the new books & back issues.
Click ‘Library website → Quick menu→ Electronic magazine'

Educational Contents

Library User Education

The library user education is a content that provides guidelines for using the library and is accessible via website at all times. The form of the content which is video & flash makes it simple and interesting. Based on the searching method for various types of information that the library holds, it acts as a guide for the main facilities & various services that the library provides.
Library website → Online library user education

How to Write Reports

This refers to the web-based contents that indicate the proper method of writing reports that are to be frequently submitted throughout the semester.
Library website → Online guidelines for writing reports

How to Succeed in Employment

This is a general education content necessary for leading a successful campus life & employment. The content is developed as a flash animation that has an entertaining educational story to raise users' interest, understanding & utility.
Library website → Quick menu→ Guidelines for succeeding in employment

Exploration of U-Brary Knowledge

This is a smart U- BRARY education content for social success such as in campus life, employment, etc. It is based on flash animation that has an entertaining educational story and can be serviced in smart phones & PC.
Library website → Quick menu→ Exploration of U-Brary knowledge

Information on Electronic Books

Electronic books provide domestic e-books such as literature, humanities, history, economics, computer, interests, children, workbook, etc. Books are automatically returned after 5 days (loaning period).
Accessible via ‘Library website → Quick menu→ E-book system' (Available on smart phones)

Information on Audio Books

Voice actors realistically record the lines and professionals such as PD / writer / acoustician, etc. produce best-selling books & various books into a MP3 type listening book that can be heard at any time and any place. Users can download the content on a USB from the relevant kiosk regardless of copyright. There is no limit in downloading.
General information center (Library 4F) → 40 contents are available at the audio book kiosk


Through the courses for temporary workers on the cyber campus operated by the teaching & learning center of Daelim College, users can take a total of 200 courses in categories such as language courses, IT courses, qualifications, national examinations, general education courses and employment supporting courses.