Library 3rd Floor


Resting place that provides touchable equipments
for reading electronic newspapers & magazines,
PC for searching information and free coffee

Zone for searching the original text
of the National Assembly library

Capable to use PC, copying machine and printer
necessary for assignments, PC for searching only
the original text of the National Assembly library
and scanner equipments

Digital Running Zone

Academic DB, E-learning courses, PC for
educational contents only and PC for
internet surfing

Media Zone

Place to read multimedia data such as CD, DVD,
Video Tape, Audio Tape, etc. Language/music
corner, seats for couples watching DVD


Theater with satellite broadcasting, high-definition
digital (seating capacity of 9)

UCC Zone

For producing & editing multimedia relevant to IT,
image and media Advance reservation via library
website is necessary

Notebook usable Seats

Power & LAN ports are provided for each seat to
use personal notebooks

Group Study Room

There are a total of 5 rooms and a maximum of
7 people can use 1 study room. In order to use
a room, the person must make advance
reservation via library website and receive

Magazine Zone

Equipped with 150 types of domestic major &
general education magazines

Global Lounge

English, Chinese, Japanese related learning
materials, books of various themes for relaxation
(remedial reading, comic books, new books)

General Information Center

Services such as searching information, providing
overall information of the library, borrowing media
data, lending IT equipment for group study &
assignment, copying of original text and
supporting research

Place for the Disabled

Place for the disabled to study & rest Provides
exclusive librarian for the disabled