Library 4th Floor

General Reference Room

6 million volumes of books such as general books,
reference books, papers, etc.
Book lounge is equipped with new books, recom-
mended books, subscribed books, books donated
by the president, knowledge management books,
and comic books for students.
Audio book download, 70 seats for personal
studying & reading

Multi Purpose Room

40 seats for personal studying
Library user education

Seminar Room

Academic DB, E-learning courses, PC for
educational contents only and PC for
internet surfing

Information Oasis

People can search for information at the resting place equipped with electronic newspapers & magazines

As a place for sharing information sharing & resting, this area enables users to participate and communicate
by making the information transportation & creation of digital knowledge possible through the latest
display & contents.

Main Equipment :
Electronic newspaper kiosk, electronic magazine kiosk, information
* Information searching* General information of library

Electronic newspaper kiosk

People can read electronic newspapers from Chosun ilbo, Joongang ilbo, Kyunghyang daily news, Korea times.

Electronic newspaper kiosk

Electronic magazines can be read by touching the screen.

People can read electronic magazines from Chosun ilbo, Joongang ilbo, Kyunghyang daily news, Korea times.

Library information kiosk

The library information kiosk provides overall information such as library announcements, guidelines for using online library, searching for books, location of books, etc.