Ordering Books

Students can set orders for books that are not stocked.
Click ‘Library website → My Library → [Ordering/Check]' and directly input brief information on the wanted book, or use Naver web ordering (icon).

Issuance of Written Request for Accessing Data of Other Libraries

Click ‘Library website → Library Service → [Request for access to other library]', input information, print and submit to the target library to access data.

Document Copying Service

Document copying service is a service that requests other universities for copying the data that is not held in Suam library.

Document Copying Service
Type of Data Range of Providence
Monograph Partial copying function (impossible to copy the whole book due to copyright)
Periodical Publication Capable to make an application by each paper

<Range of providence by data type>

Fees are as below.

Applicant is responsible for bearing the expenses.

Fee & period by delivery method
Delivery Method IFM Basic Fee Fee for copying/per page Delivery Period
Express Mail 100 won 800 won 40~70 won Average 6 days
Registered Mail 3,000 won Average 3 days
FAX Transmission - 200 won Average 1 day
Electronic Transmission 100 won

<Fee & period by delivery method>

Inter loaning Service

Inter loaning service makes it possible to borrow un-stocked books from other universities.

Regulations for inter loaning
Organization in
Target Organization Loan Method Fee Delivery Period Loan Period Late Fee
KERIS Inter loan Approx. 180 domestic universities Parcel One-way 2,800 won
Round-trip 5,600 won
Average 3 days 14 days
(Renewal 1 time)
500 won per day

<Regulations for inter loaning>