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Div. of Computer Information

runs an advanced curriculum that covers diverse knowledge and technologies in the computer software field with the aim of cultivating highly competitive software talents required by the 21st-century knowledge and information society. Our division is equipped with labs and a seminar room.
Based on systematic, field-oriented education, we produce ‘information technology experts who will lead the future society of the Industry 4.0 era’. We have introduced a customized educational program based on contents currently used in the web/mobile field to prepare for the changing IT era, and provide cutting-edge technology education in such areas as virtual reality and augmented reality.

  • Major of Computersoftware We produce application software professionals required for diverse processes ranging from planning/consulting to information system analysis/design, maintenance operation & management. We provide education and training related to information system development and utilization, and also trains convergence software engineers with the ability to apply such software to industries related to IoT medical services, automobiles, logistics, robotics, and agriculture.
  • Major of Smartsoftware We are dedicated to turning out experts in diverse processes ranging from the planning and publication, through the development and registration, to the operation and maintenance of mobile Apps and websites. We also foster specialists in the development of mobile applications related to games, VR contents, OA, and device mesh.
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  • Department in charge Division Manager
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UPDATE : 2021.03.06