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About Daelim

History of Daelim



The history of Daelim as a college dedicated to nurturing talented technical professionals by pioneering the future ahead of the 21st century’s cutting edge technology.

  • 1986

    03Inaugurated Hwang Jong-ho as the 2nd President of the College.

  • 1984

    11Established the Departments of Industrial Materials/Electronics.

  • 1983

    09Established the Departments of Architectural Equipment/Business English.

    09Established the Department of Industrial Management.

  • 1979

    03Inaugurated Hyeon Seok-joo as the 1st President of the College.

  • 1978

    12Approved for elevation of the college’s status to the Daelim Institute of Technology.

    11Established the Department of Mechanical Design.

    03Officially opened Daelim Technology School.

    03Inaugurated Seong Hwan-tae as the 1st Principal of the school.

  • 1977

    06Approved to establish Daelim Technology School (established four departments of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering).

  • 1970

    08Approved to establish Daelim School and inaugurated the founder, Lee Jae-joon, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • Department in charge Policy Planning Team
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