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Regular Exams

Regular Exams

Students are allowed to check information and materials related to regular exams at Daelim University College.

Related Regulations : Article 36 (Evaluation Tests) of the School Regulations and Chapter 6 (Testing and Grading) of the Academic Regulations.

Classification of Regular Exams

Regular examinations are conducted once in the middle term of each semester and once at the end of each semester.

Distribution of Marks for Regular Exams

Grading marks including those for regular exams will be evaluated as shown in the table below. However, grades for experimentation, training and physical education tests can be replaced with their practical score.

General subjects

General subjects : Midtermm examination, Term-end examiniation, Scores for ordinary days and reports, Scores for attendance, Total

Midterm examination Term-end examination Scores for ordinary days and reports Scores for attendance Total
30points 30points 20points 20points 100points
Cyber Lecture Subjects

Cyber Lecture Subjects: Midterm examination, Term-end examination,Reports,Attendance,Attendance at Cyber Class/Quiz&Reports,Total

Midterm examination Term-end examination Reports Attendance Attendance at Cyber Class / Quiz & Reports Total
30points 30points 10points 10points 20points 100points
Notice for Regular Exams.
  • A student who misses a regular exam will be assigned ‘0’ marks for the subject concerned.
  • A student who cheats in an exam will be assigned ‘0’ marks for the subject concerned.
Special Case of Regular Exams

If a student cannot take a regular term-end examination due to military service but has attended more than 3/4 of the total classes, the student’s result in the term-end examination will be assessed identically to that of the mid-term exam for the current semester.

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