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Div. of Hotel Culinary, Baking and Pastry arts

Div. of Hotel Culinary, Baking and Pastry arts offers a field-oriented educational program based on the NCS (National Competency Standards) applicable to foods and beverages in the hotel, restaurant, bakery and café industries. Our division focuses on field training to enable our students to adapt to specific fields through cooperation and contracts with the related industry, acquire certificates and other qualifications, and develop their global language proficiency. We aim to cultivate global talents who will work at domestic and overseas hotels, large companies, and restaurants after graduation. Above all, we are endeavoring to discover talented people who want to work in the cooking, bakery, café and coffee-related fields by running specialized education programs designed to foster world-class chefs, bakers, confectioners, and baristas armed with the creative and convergent thinking required for the era of Industry 4.0.

  • Hotel Culinary Arts Coursetaims to foster world-class chefs based on field-oriented education and Korea’s very best, cutting-edge practice room. Our excellent faculty members are drawn from top-class hotels, and have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in and out of the country. We provide students with the necessary theoretical background and practical cooking training, and run industry-academia and on-site training programs with eminent hotels, large food service companies, and Michelin-starred restaurants. We also aim to produce field-based, creative professionals in culinary art and contribute to improving public health and developing the food service industry.
  • Global Western Cuisine Majoraims to foster talented people in the field of global cuisine equipped with international business sense for rewarding overseas employment and internships. The number of students employed abroad is increasing thanks to the K-MOVE (Singapore) program and industry-academia cooperation with an company in Australia. We are continuously promoting employment connections with other foreign countries.
  • Baking and Pastry arts, Coffeeprovides advanced professional education consisting of theoretical classes and training programs for students who want to train to be bakers, confectioners and barista, in order to respond to the growing demand for high-quality technical personnel among the related industries. We are training professional bakers to respond to the increasing demand for professionals and the expanding premium bakery market, as large enterprises have entered the upstream and downstream bakery industries. We also produce start-up professionals while simultaneously focusing on employment opportunities through our system of industry-academia cooperation with major companies. By providing start-up simulation education tailored to the characteristics of the industry, we help students to secure professional competitiveness in the confectioners and café barista fields.
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