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Student Services

Leaving school voluntarily

Related regulations

Article 26 of the School Regulations, and Article 6 (2) of Regulations for College Tuition Fees.

Procedure for leaving school

Procedure for leaving school : Tiem, Procedure, Remarks

Time Procedure Remarks
  • Application form for leaving school
  • Agreement written and sealed by a parent(s) (or legal guardian)
Copy of the parent’s bank account book

If a refund is required

Department per subject
  • Consultation with the professor in charge.
  • Written opinion of the departmental professor in charge.
  • Application signed by the professor in charge, and the dean of the dept.
Personnel in charge of scholarships
  • The student’s scholarship and student loan records should be verified.
Creation of a reclaim account for a student loan.

If the student concerned has received a student loan.

One-Stop Service Support Office
  • Submission of the dropout application form.
  • Acceptance of the application for and refund of tuition fees.
The amount of refund will be determined based on the tuition fee refund policy.

If a refund is required.

The refund will be made about two weeks after submission/receipt of the application.

Refund of Tuition Fees

Related regulations : Article 6 (2) of the Regulations for College Tuition.

Refund of Tuition Fees : Date of occurrence of grounds for refund, Amount of refund

Date of occurrence of grounds for refund Amount of refund
Up to 30 days after the first day of the semester Five sixths of the full tuition fee
After the 30th day up to the 60th day of the first day of the semester Two Thirds of the full tuition fee
After the 60th day up to the 90th day of the first day of the semester One Half of the full tuition fee
When 90 days have elapsed since the first day of the semester No amount deemed refundable
  • Department in charge Educational Administration Team
  • TEL 031)467-4713
  • FAX 031)441-4914
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2021.03.11