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Seasonal semesters

Seasonal semesters

This webpage provides information and materials related to the seasonal semesters at Daelim University College.

Related Regulations : Article 9, Clause 2 (Semesters) and Article 32 (Intensive Class) of the School Regulations and the Guidelines for theseasonal semesters.

Opening of the seasonal semesters
  • Opening Time: During summer and winter vacations.
  • Opening Period: Three weeks (15 days) after applying for the summer/winter semester.

    If on-site training is scheduled during the opening period of the summer/winter semester, the semester classes will not be held.

  • Subjects: Major subjects or liberal arts subjects
  • Classes with fewer than 10 students may be closed.
  • Application: Designated dates after the end of a course in both June and December. (Students will be notified of the full schedule in due course.)
  • Eligibility: Only students whose graduation is, or will be, delayed.

    The number of students will be limited according to each lecture.

  • Credits: Up to 9 credits (The maximum number of credits allowed from the summer/winter semester is 9 credits.)
  • Class Registration
    • STEP 01

      One-Stop Service Center

      Issuance of the application form.

    • STEP 02


      Registration and verification of the application form.

    • STEP 03

      One-Stop Service Center

      Completion of registration for seasonal semester classes.

    • STEP 04


      Payment of the tuition fee and attendance of classes.

Credits obtained from the seasonal semester
  • Credits taken in theseasonal semester are only included in the credits related to graduation (and are not included in the grading for the regular semester).
  • Grading for attendance, exams, and evaluations will be conducted in the same way as for the regular semester.
Tuition fee for the seasonal semester (No reduction or exemption)

Tuition fee: Payable per credit (i.e. KRW 45,000 per credit)

Tuition fee for the seasonal semester (No reduction or exemption):3 credits registred, 6 credits registered, 9 credits registered

3 credits registered. 6 credits registered. 9 credits registered.
135,000 won 270,000 won 405,000 won
  • Department in charge Educational Administration Team
  • TEL 031)467-4786
  • FAX 031)467-4716
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2021.03.11