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About Daelim


President of Daelim University College

  • College Senate
  • Innovation Team
  • LINC+ (Leaders in INdustry-university
    Cooperation) Project Group
Faculty (Dept.)
Engineering Faculty
  • Div. of Architecture
  • Div. of Sound Technology
  • Div. of Automotive Engineering
  • Div. of Computer Information
  • Dept. of Building System Technology
  • Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
  • Div. of Smart Electronics & Commuication Engineering
  • Div. of Smart Factory Engineering
  • Dept. of Electrical Engineering
  • Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Div. of Interior Design
Humanities and Social Science Faculty
  • Div. of Business Administration
  • Dept. of Hotel & Tourism
  • Dept. of Social Welfare
  • Div. of Secretary Office Administration
  • Dept. of Library Media and Information Science
  • Dept. of Early Childhood Education
  • Dept. of Aviation services
  • Dept. of Industrial Management
Art & Physical Education Faculty
  • Dept. of Sports Training
National Science Faculty
  • Div. of Hotel Culinary, Baking and Pastry arts
  • Dept. of Speech & Language Pathology
  • Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
  • Dept. of Convergence Biomedical Engineering
College Office
Office of Academic Affairs
  • Educational Administration Team
  • Vocational Education Innovation Center
  • Teaching and Learning Center
  • Support Center for Intensive Major Courses
Office of Student Affairs
  • Student Welfare Team
  • One-Stop Service Support Office
  • Disability Service Center
  • Student Counseling Center
  • ACE Volunteers
Office of Employment
  • Employment Team
  • On-site Training Support Center
  • Center for Business Linkage
Office of Admissions
  • Admissions Team
Office of Industry-Academia Cooperation
  • Industry-Academia Cooperation Support Center
  • Creative and Convergent Education Center
  • Dual Cooperation Job Training Center
Office of Planning
  • Policy Planning Team
  • Innovation Support Project Group
Office of College Administration
  • Affairs & Operation Team
Affiliated Facilities
Lifelong Education Center
  • Lifelong Education Support Team
Industrial-Academia Cooperation Group
  • Speech-Language Therapy Center
  • Operating Team of Industrial-Academia Cooperation Group
    • Customized Education Project Group
    • Quality Management Support Center
    • Research Institute of Hotel, Tourism, and Restaurant Management
    • Acoustics Research Center
    • SME Industry-Academia Cooperation Center
    • EMC Technical Education Center
    • Convergence Business Center
    • Anyang City Healthy Home Support Center
      (Consigned operation)
    • Anyang City Multicultural Family Support Center
      (Consigned operation)
Affiliated Facilities
Knowledge & Information Institute
  • Information & Strategy Operation Team
Institute of International Exchanges
  • International Exchange Support Team
Daelim Press & Broadcasting Station
Members (Troops) of Reserve Forces
  • Department in charge Policy Planning Team
  • TEL 031)467-4741
  • FAX 031)467-4988
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2020.12.24