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Student Services


Location & Operating Hours of the One-Stop Service Support Office
  • Location

    Hong Gi Hall 2F

  • Operating Hours

    During semesters & vacations:
    Within the usual working hours.

  • Closed

    It is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, legal holidays,
    and the college anniversary (June 24).

Major Services provided by the One-Stop Service Support Office
  • Affairs concerning grades, and taking a course.
  • Affairs concerning leaves of absence, returning to school, and leaving school voluntarily.
  • Affairs concerning scholarships and student loans.
  • Issuance of various certificates, information search, receipt/sending of faxes.
  • Rental of sporting goods and equipment (balls etc. for football, basketball, foot volleyball).
  • Reissuance of student cards through the student card issuing machine (currently undergoing maintenance).
  • Rental of umbrellas (i.e. to students who leave the school during heavy rainfall).
Major Convenient Facilities provided by the One-Stop Service Support Office (Hong Gi Hall 2F)

The One-Stop Service Support Office is equipped with 2 information retrieval terminal units and 1 latest-model photocopier (faxing, scanning, and printing are available), while the lobby on the 2nd floor of the Hong Gi Hall is equipped with 2 unmanned automatic certificate issuance machines, a café, a rest space, and ATM machines for Woori Bank and Kookmin Bank. In addition, first aid supplies (excluding prescription medicines) are available for students’ convenience.

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Special Services provided by the One-Stop Service Support Office
  • Internet Information Search

    Computers are available exclusively for students’ information search.

  • Photocopy

    Students can photocopy civil affairs documents (except their reports) free of charge.

  • Fax

    Students can send or receive a fax.
    Fax No : 031) 441-4914

  • Printout

    Students can print out civil affairs documents (except their reports) free of charge.

  • Scanning

    Students can scan documents free of charge.

  • Reissuance of student cards

    Students can immediately have their student card reissued through the student card issuancemachine.currently undergoing maintenance

  • Rental service for sporting goods and equipment

    Students can rent balls etc. for football, basketball, and foot volleyball free of charge.

  • First aid supplies

    If it is difficult to visit the Health Service Room, students can obtain simple first aid supplies including ointments, bandages, band-aid, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory spray, etc.
    (Painkillers, digestive medicines, cold medicines, and prescription medicines are available at the Health Service Room. )

  • Department in charge One-Stop Service Support Office
  • TEL 031)467-4700
  • FAX 031)441-4914
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2021.03.08