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Returning to school

Returning to school

Related regulations: Article 25 of the School Regulations, and Articles 25 and 26 of the Academic Regulations.

Students whose leave has expired or whose grounds for leave have been resolved must apply to return to school within 3 weeks of the start of the applicable semester.

Returning to school:Time,Time of return,How to apply

Time Time of return How to apply
Online(internet) application From mid-February (for the 1st semester) or mid-August (for the 2nd semester) to the end of the third week after the semester has started. Apply via the college student portal system
Offline application (by visiting the college) Visit the one-stop service center and fill out the return to
school application form.
Click to download the form
Notice for students returning to school
  • Students must complete their application to return to school in order to sign up for classes for the relevant semester.
  • Please refer to the information notice on returning to school in the relevant semester, as the application method and date for returning to school may differ depending on online and offline applications for each department.
  • Early return before the expiration period of an absence of leave cannot be applied for online. Students must visit the One-Stop Service Center to apply to return to school.
How to apply to return to school
  • STEP 01


    Return to school application (fill out the application form).

  • STEP 02


    Class placement

  • STEP 03

    One-Stop Service Support Office

    Approval of return

  • STEP 04


    Course Enrollment

  • Department in charge Educational Administration Team
  • TEL 031)467-4713
  • FAX 031)441-4914
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2021.03.11