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Student Services

Daelim Press & Broadcasting Station

Broadcasting Station

The sound of the intellect, Daelim College Educational Broadcasting Station

This broadcast complies with the Broadcasting Code of Ethics. It is the voice of the people of
Daelim College that reports true knowledge & refinement as well as the correct public opinion
of the students. This is the sound of intellect Daelim College Educational Broadcasting Station.

Broadcasting Ideology

This broadcasting station of Daelim College promotes correct public opinion of the students based on the education and aims to increase refinement & create an academic atmosphere.

Station Motto

Faithfulness, Solidarity, Creation

  • 2010~present

    2019. 052019-1st semester Holding a student-participating broadcast

    2019. 04Holding a student-participating broadcast

    2019. 03Recruited 42st intern members

    2018. 112018-second semester holding an open broadcast

    2018. 08Recruited 41st last members

    2018. 052018-1st semester holding an open broadcast

    2018. 04Holding a student-participating broadcast

    2018. 03Recruited 41st intern members

    2017. 102017-second semester holding an open broadcast

    2017. 08Recruited 01st last members

    2017. 052017-1st semester holding an open broadcast

    2017. 04Holding a student-participating broadcast

    2017. 03 Recruited 40st intern members

    2016. 102016-second semester holding an open broadcast

    2016. 08Recruited 39st last members

    2016. 052016-1st semester holding an open broadcast

    2016. 04Holding a student-participating broadcast

    2016. 03Recruited 39st intern members

    2015. 09 2015-second semester holding an open broadcast

    2015. 08Recruited 38st last members

    2015. 052015-1st semester holding an open broadcast

    2015. 04Holding a student-participating broadcast

    2015. 03Recruited 38st intern members

    2014. 11Holding an open broadcast

    2014. 09Recruited 37st last members

    2014. 03Recruited 37st intern members

    2013. 09Recruited 36st last members

    2013. 03Recruited 36st intern members

    2012. 09Recruited 35st last members

    2012. 03Recruited 35st intern members

    2012. 01 Daelim broadcasting center opened

    2011. 05 Holding an open broadcast

    2011. 03 ‘A word in Chinese broadcast' Launch

    2011. 03 Recruited 34st intern members

    2010. 10Recruited 34st last members

    2010. 05Holding an open broadcast

    2010. 03Recruited 33st intern members

  • 2000~2009

    2009. 03Recruited 32nd intern members

    2008. 10Held visual show

    2008. 08Recruited 31st intern members

    2007. 06Held 18th music concert

    2007. 03Recruited 30th intern members

    2006. 04Recruited 29th intern members for the 2nd time

    2006. 03Recruited 29th intern members

    2005. 03Recruited 28th intern members

    2004. 06Held 17th music concert

    2004. 03Recruited 27th intern members

    2003. 06Held 16th music concert

    2003. 03Recruited 26th intern members

    2002. 03Recruited 25th intern members

    2001. 06Held 15th music concert

    2001. 03Recruited 24th intern members

    2000. 06Held 14th music concert

    2000. 03Recruited 23rd intern members

    2000. 03Held visual show

  • 1990~1999

    1999. 09Held 17th Broadcasting festival

    1999. 07‘So Ri Moe' M.I.F.

    1999. 04Established ‘So Ri Moe'

    1999. 03Recruited 22nd intern members

    1998. 10Held 16th Broadcasting festival

    1998. 06Held 13th music concert

    1998. 03Recruited 21st intern members

    1997. 10Held 15th Broadcasting festival

    1997. 10Replaced equipment

    1997. 06Held 12th music concert

    1997. 03Recruited 20th intern members

    1996. 10Held 14th Broadcasting festival

    1996. 06Held 11th music concert

    1996. 03Recruited 19th intern members

    1996. 03Replaced furniture (supplies)

    1995. 06Held 10th music concert

    1995. 03Recruited 18th intern members

    1994. 11Held 13th Broadcasting festival

    1994. 06Held 9th music concert

    1994. 03Recruited 17th intern members

    1993. 10Held 12th Broadcasting festival

    1993. 06Held 8th music concert

    1993. 033Recruited 16th intern members

    1992. 09Held 11th Broadcasting festival

    1992. 06Held 7th music concert

    1992. 05Reinforced equipment

    1992. 03Recruited 15th intern members

    1991. 10Held 10th Broadcasting festival

    1991. 06Held 6th music concert

    1991. 03Recruited 14th intern members

    1991. 01Reinforced equipment

    1990. 09Held 9th Broadcasting festival

    1990. 06Held 5th music concert

    1990. 03Recruited 13th intern members

  • 1978~1989

    1989. 10Held 8th Broadcasting festival

    1989. 06Held 4th music concert

    1989. 03Recruited 12th Broadcasting members

    1988. 08Replaced journalists

    1988. 03Recruited 11th Broadcasting members

    1987. 10Held 6th Broadcasting festival

    1987. 05Held 3rd music concert

    1987. 03Recruited 10th Broadcasting members

    1986. 11Held 2nd music concert

    1986. 09Held 5th Broadcasting festival

    1986. 03Recruited 9th Broadcasting members

    1985. 10Held 1st music concert

    1985. 04Elevated to Broadcasting Station

    1985. 03Recruited 8th Broadcasting members

    1984. 11Held visual show

    1984. 06Held DJ contest

    1984. 03Recruited 7th Broadcasting members

    1983. 10Held 3rd Broadcasting festival

    1983. 03Recruited 6th Broadcasting members

    1982. 10Held 2nd Broadcasting festival

    1982. 03Recruited 5th Broadcasting members

    1981. 10Held 1st Broadcasting festival

    1981. 03Recruited 4th Broadcasting members

    1980. 04Recruited 3rd Broadcasting members

    1979. 04Recruited 2nd Broadcasting members

    1978. 04Established Daelim Broadcasting Club


Station Manager

  • Station Vice-manager
  • Head of the General Affairs Dept
  • Engineering Dept.
  • Announcer Dept.
  • Production Dept.
  • Editorial Dept.
Program Listingsann

Program Listingsann

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
Morning(8:30~8:50) Music Broadcasting
  • A Story about a Person I Know (March)
  • Broadcast with the participation of students (April)
On The People Today Is Favorite Restaurants Music Trip
Evening(5:10~5:30) Beautiful Korean Words Into Culture Introduction of Books Into Culture World Festival
  • Department in charge Student Welfare Team
  • TEL 031)467-4857, 4726
  • FAX 031)467-4947
  • E-MAIL
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