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Dept. of Interior Design

Dept. of Interior Design

Our department aims to supplement the education provided by modern technical colleges, with the focus on technology and functions, and to cultivate managerial professionals who can play an important role at worksites by providing systematic and intensive practical management and technical education for basic level engineers who have graduated a technical college.

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Course Outline
This class aims to develop the students’ ability to express and understand sophisticated designs through profound thought and contemplation, to cultivate a sensitive view as a designer, and to understand other designers’ designs with the aim of find forging their own identity and way of thinking.

Course Outline

Semester Subject Educational Goal
1 Digital Space Design This class aims to equip students with the ability to predict the evolutionary direction, conceptual trends and styles of future architectures and interior spaces, and to apply and use it in development of spaces, in order to respond to rapid social changes. To this end, students will learn about various modern digital technology-based design methods and how to actively apply them in the field.
Space Planning Through theory and practical classes in interior design, students will understand the concept of space and develop their own design process for making a creative space. Through such a process, this class aims to help students to experience the relationship between space and humans, and the roles of designers.
Practical Design Work This class aims to cultivate students’ basic expertise and human relationships, and provide them with the design planning skills required for successful design practice. It is a practical orientation course designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to become a professional interior designer who can play a leading role in addressing the changes in modern society.
Design Process Research Students will evaluate living trends, users’ lifestyles, living space brands and branding, and spatial planning by branding, and analyze real-life cases in order to carry out practical programs for their own brand and space branding, in order to establish their own unique identity as a space designer and cultivate the competences required to become a professional space designer.
2 Portfolio Management This class allows students to experience advanced, new design processes in the field of interior design and to learn about professional design methods required in various industrial fields. Students will also learn how to express their own design projects by performing layout planning, preparation, production, and exhibition activities, along with a series of editing works.
Project Planning Through theory and practical classes in interior design, students will understand the concept of space and develop their design process to make a creative space. This class aims to cultivate students’ ability to become a field-oriented professional interior designer through professional experiments, research analysis, and the expression of a series of design works, ranging from the establishment of a design concept for an interior space to the development process.
Special Topic Seminar This class aims to cultivate students’ ability to collect information on the latest spatial concepts, design trends, etc., to analyze, evaluate and criticize social, cultural and humanistic approaches to collected information, and to enhance their written and verbal ability to logically express their ideas and contents through discussions and reports. Furthermore, in order to be able to properly understand modern spaces, students will discuss design-related issues and acquire a broader view of their contents. Students will also acquire basic knowledge related to space, and learn how to criticize and evaluate the world and society with a well-balanced view.
Interior Designer Critic
Curriculum Table

Curriculum Table

Subject Total Year 4
1st semester 2st semester
Credit Hour Credit Hour Credit Hour
Theory Practice Theory Practice
Major Compulsory Digital Space Design 3 3 3 1 2      
Space Planning 3 3 3 1 2      
Portfolio Management 3 3       3 2 1
Project Planning 3 3       3 1 2
Optional Practical Design Work 3 3 3 2 1      
Design Process Research 3 3 3 2 1      
Special Topic Seminar 3 3       3 2 1
Interior Designer Critic 3 3       3 2 1
Total 24 24 12 6 6 12 7 5