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Lifelong Education Center

Div. of Hotel Culinary

Our department provides the theory and professional technical training programs on culinary to foster junior chefs who can scientifically and efficiently carry out the management of culinary and food & beverages at a hotel, restaurant, or food service facility, so as to contribute to the development of the nation and local community.

TEL031)467-4503, 6FAX 031)467-4799Location Automobile Hall 7F(Long Education Center)

  • Career Opportunities
    • Hotel Chef (western, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine)
    • Professional Chef at restaurants and food service companies
    • Food Service Businessman
    • Confectioner
    • Baker
    • Bartender
    • Tourism & Hotel Employee
    • Researcher & Lecture on food service industry
    • Barista
    • Food Coordinator
  • Academic Degree & Related Certificates
    • Craftsman Cook for Korean Food
    • Craftsman Cook for Western Food
    • Craftsman Cook for Japanese Food
    • Craftsman Cook for Chinese Food
    • Craftsman Confectionary Making
    • Craftsman Bread Making
    • Craftsman Bartender
    • Barista
    • License for Food Coordinator
  • Department in charge Lifelong Education Support Team
  • TEL 031)467-4501
  • FAX 031)467-4799
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2020.12.29