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Div. of Smart Factory Engineering

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Aims to foster experts in the relevant industry. We help students to acquire the fundamental knowledge of machinery, electricity and electronics, and computers applicable required for the design, development and production of advanced systems.

  • To cultivate expertise in PLC, hydraulic & pneumatic control, robot control, CAD/CAM, etc.
  • To foster field-oriented professionals who can meet the demands of industries.
  • To nurture talented people equipped with the ability to learn about and use new technologies and international business sense.
  • Mechatronics MajorMechatronics, which refers to all technologies that operate machines and equipment using electronic circuits, has developed into a core industrial area that is essential for our daily life, encompassing surgical robots and cleaning robots. Our industry is witnessing a paradigm change to advanced automatic systems of design and production in line with global industrial development. Accordingly, our department provides the cutting-edge production technology education required by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including field-oriented technical education programs on PLC, PC, hydraulic & pneumatic control, robot control, CAD/CAM, and semiconductor equipment technology, as well as fundamental knowledge of all kinds of machinery, electricity and electronics, and computers, so that our students can find employment in their chosen fields anywhere in the world.
  • Smart Automation MajorThis major runs field-oriented educational programs designed to foster professionals equipped with fundamental knowledge and practical skills relating to electricity and electronics, computers, microprocessors, control engineering, data communication, digital technology, and pneumatic control, which form the basis of all automatic systems, along with motor control, sensor and measurement engineering, robots, PLC, logistics automation, automatic system design and other applicable technical skills. Our graduates find work in a wide range of industrial fields, including smart factory, robots, and IoT (Internet Of Things) factory, related to industrial automation.
  • Semiconductor Equipment MajorGrounded in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering, the Semiconductor Equipment Department aims to cultivate professionals in semiconductor equipment required by leading semiconductor manufacturers. Our students learn about semiconductor manufacturing processes, equipment technology, and elemental technology in order to understand the semiconductor industry, and study semiconductor equipment design (2D, 3D CAD) and the development of semiconductor equipment programs.
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