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Student Clubs

How to join a club
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Qualifications for club registration
  • To form a club, a minimum of 20 members from at least 3 different departments is required
  • The approval of the academic adviser is necessary, and all documents required for registration of a club must be submitted.
  • Submission of documents for club registration: By March 31st of each school year (Forms are available from the Student Welfare Team.)
Submission of documents for club registration
  • 1 copy of the application form for club registration
  • 2 copies of written pledges
  • 1 copy of the academic advisor's accreditation
  • 1 copy of the yearly operating plan of the club
  • 1 copy of the equipment list
  • 1 copy of the club’s regulations
  • 1 copy of the club's performance data
  • Submittal of performance data is unnecessary for a new club, and is provisional for up to one year. After one year, a new club will be considered an official club.
  • Similar clubs are unacceptable.
  • Don Quixote (Guitar Club)

    Members of Don Quixote, meaningthe ‘border meeting of members of the guitar club', cherish the purity of music.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0208

  • Music Production & Study Club (Music Club)

    The music production and study club is dedicated to music of all genres and welcomes anyone who is interested in music.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0209

  • Photography Club

    The photography club aims to help students acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of photography and learn photographic techniques ranging from developing and printing photos to framing pictures, as well as engaging in creative photographic activities from the student’s subjective viewpoint.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0210

  • Theater Club (Method)

    Indirect experience of diverse aspects of human life will help club members empathize with others in their social roles and human relationships.

    Club Association at Students’ Hall (2F)

  • Black Music Club

    The club aims to promote courteousness and creativity as well as sensibility by fostering communication through music.

    Club Association at Students’ Hall (2F)

  • T.I.P Soul

    Music and dance are the main media in our club’s efforts to promote active and positive communication and cultivate personality.

    Club Association at Students’ Hall (2F)

  • Basketball Club

    Our members focus on developing their basketball skills, engaging in physical training, promoting basketball, and forging friendships through basketball.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0207

  • Bowling Club

    This health-oriented club provides a mental workout for time-starved students of Daelim.

    Students’ Hall (4F) G0406

  • Alpine Club

    Students who love walking in the mountains come together to enjoy the fresh air and forge enduring friendships.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0207

  • Tennis Club (D. T. C)

    The club helps students to improve their mental and physical condition and promotes friendship between seniors and juniors.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0213

  • Football Club (Daelim FC)

    The football club helps students train body and mind and promotes sportsmanship and teamwork.

    Club Association at Students’ Hall (2F)

  • Badminton Club (Push) (ACE Shuttlecock)

    The badminton club helps students to improve their mental and physical health and promotes friendship between seniors and juniors.

    Club Association at Students’ Hall (2F)

  • M.R.A (Moral Re-Amament)

    This club aims to transform the corrupt and inconsistent world into a clean and loving world through the sing-out??and its four main principles of ‘absolute honesty’, ‘absolute purity’, ‘absolute safety’ and ‘absolute love’.

    Students’ Hall(2F) G0215

  • R.C.Y

    All Red Cross associations follow humanitarian principles and lead the way in the practice of love and voluntary service.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0206

  • Rgoshipda Rchan

    Diverse voluntary works and talent donation activities allow members to realize that we all are part of the community and develop positive traits.

    Club Association at Students’ Hall (2F)

  • C.C.C (Campus Crusade of Christ)

    C. C. C. is a National Christian Association of college students who wish to spread the Gospel throughout the college. The club aims to develop its members’ humanity as active members of society through volunteer activities and help them form a sound personality based on faith.

    Students’ Hall (2F) G0204

  • Department in charge Student Welfare Team
  • TEL 031)467-4726
  • FAX 031)467-4947
  • E-MAIL
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