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Introduction of the Daelim Alumni Association

Dear Daelim family members,
No matter how hard the social and economic situation is, we, the alumni of Daelim University College, are always encouraged and inspired by the energy and vitality of our school, which stands proudly on a rock in Bisan, Anyang City. I believe that we must all continue working hard in our respective vocational areas as diligent, competent and sincere members of society.
As one of the first graduates of the Architecture Department and the 5th president of the Alumni Association, I, namely Lee Jeom-soo, have been elected with your support and encouragement. I think we can say that Daeilm University College has now passed its 30-year-long period of youthful growth and entered the prime of life. In the meantime, the College has produced some 52,000 alumni in all walks of life who are making significant contributions to the economic development of our country and society. With the passionate enthusiasm of its members, the Alumni Association has also continued to develop and grow.
I would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work and effort of our previous presidents, including the 1st president Ryu Jae-gyu, followed by Hwang Ho-pyeong, Ryu Joong-gyeong, and Maeng Joong-yeol, and I hereby promise to do my best to invigorate our Alumni Association with unceasing passion and sincerity.
First, we will establish a new address book of the Alumni Association so that we can keep in contact with and help each other in the future.
Second, we will publish the Alumni newsletter on a regular basis to convey news about our members.
Third, we will contribute to the alumni scholarship project and the development of the Alma Mater.
I do not believe that I can carry out the above projects to invigorate the Alumni Association’s activities without the continuous encouragement, participation and support of our 50,000 alumni.
Dear members, let’s work together to instill pride and affection in each and every member of Daelim University College by making the first 30 years of our school’s history a stepping stone to becoming a great Korean college for the next 100 years!
We all know that our school consisted of just four departments at the time of its foundation, but that it now comprises 21 departments and some 8,000 students who together have created a dynamic campus. On behalf of the Alumni Association, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all our professors and faculty members for devoting so much time and energy to the development of our college. Let’s do our best to make a new leap forward into a dynamic new year! I would like to end by wishing all our Daelim family members great happiness and good health.
Thank you!
President of the Alumni Association of Daelim University CollegeLee Jeom-soo
  • Department in charge Student Welfare Team
  • TEL 031) 467-4761
  • FAX 031) 467-4947
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UPDATE : 2020.12.24