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About Daelim


Goals of Education
  • 태블릿과 펜을 쥐고 있는 손
    SincerityTalents with professional refinementFostering talents with professional refinement equipped with sincerity through work personality training at highest level
  • 자를 대고 무언가를 그리고 있는 손
    DiligenceTalents with top competencyFostering talents with professional skills equipped with creativity through on-the-job training at highest level
  • 악수를 하며 맞잡은 손
    CreativityTalents with professional skillsFostering talents with top competency equipped with diligence through practices and training at highest level
  • Department in charge Planning Team
  • TEL +82-31-467-4741
  • FAX +82-31-467-4988
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2020.12.24