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Student Services


Information on Facilities

Daelim University College operates the Students’ Hall, which includes a restaurant and a store,
and a dormitory, which is equipped with such amenities as a coffee shop, optical shop, and beauty salon, etc.

1F Convenience Store,optical shop , Photocopy Room, Shower Room


1F Information
  • Convenience Store
    Convenience Store

    Various types of snacks, bread and baked goods, cookies, ice cream, beverages.

    Location 1st floor of the dormitory


    Opening HoursWeekdays - 08:00 ~ 21:00, Vacations - 10:00 ~ 17:00

  • Optical Shop
    Optical Shop

    It offers optician services at cheaper rates than current market prices in clean and comfortable facilities. (Average price per pair of glasses: KRW 30,000 ~ 40,000)

    Location 1st floor of the dormitory


    Opening HoursWeekdays - 08:00 ~ 21:00, Vacations - 10:00 ~ 17:00

  • Photocopy Room
    Photocopy Room

    The photocopying service is available as self-service or by request at a reasonable price.

    Location 1st floor of the dormitory


    Opening HoursWeekdays - 08:00 ~ 21:00, Vacations - 10:00 ~ 17:00

  • Department in charge Affairs & Operation Team
  • TEL 031)467-4752
  • FAX 031)446-8729
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2020.09.21
2F Information

    IDEA BOX is an ideal space that students can use freely for group conversations, study groups, and small meetings. It comprises five rooms including a presentation room equipped with twelve standard PCs, allowing users to hold small lectures or multimedia screenings.

    Location 2nd floor of the dormitory

    Opening HoursDuring term-time : OPEN : 9:00AM / CLOSE : 6:00PM(Hours are subject to change.), Vacations: Closed. (The schedule can be changed.)

    Utilization of FacilitiesUsers of the five IDEA Room are required to make a reservation in advance via the Library’s application or homepage.Users of the free study space are only allowed to bring beverages.Free Wi-Fi is available.Do not make a noise or cause inconvenience to other users of the space. PC users are not allowed to use the PCs to play games or for any other inappropriate usages.

  • Department in charge Library
  • TEL 031)467-4774
  • FAX 031)446-4829
  • E-MAIL
UPDATE : 2021.03.11