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About Daelim

Daelim Academy

Daelim University College cultivates
‘a forest of talented people’.
Based on our educational philosophy that “Education is a long-term plan spanning one hundred years”,
we are dedicated to fostering talented people on the front line of lifelong education.
Daelim University College, as an institution at the forefront of efforts to realize lifelong education, aims to promote the diversification, specialization and customization of education in preparation for the knowledge information society of the 21st century.
By extension, we are concentrating on cultivating technical professionals required for the future by operating a specialized curriculum, while aiming to become a field-oriented lifelong education institution that contributes to the development of local communities and the nation through close cooperation between industry, academia and government
A college that develops together with local society,
A college that leads industrial technology,
An open college that advances local culture!
Daelim University College is a professional educational institution that nurtures talented people who will lead the global markers of the 21st century.
Chairman of Daelim AcademyNam Yong
대림대학교 깃발 이미지
  • Department in charge Office of Corporate Affairs
  • TEL 031)467-4705
  • FAX 031)446-8729
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UPDATE : 2020.12.24