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Daelim Press & Broadcasting Station

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Daelim press
broadcasting station
is a communication space for all of us.
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Daelim University College Press

Daelim University College Press published its first issue ‘Daelim Collezine' in July, 1978. Based on the founding ideology and regarding discovery of truth, increase of justice & uplift of conscience as our mission statement, we have worked hard to obtain a familiar image on & off campus with the support from the school authorities, great interest from the people of Daelim and help of the alumni.

From June, 2007, we have covered, edited and reported college advancement, student activities and the faculty & alumni who raised self-esteem in college and strived to make college life more enjoyable besides other major news on & off campus through the quarterly magazine, Daelim Collezine. In addition, we will faithfully serve as a bridgehead that provides open space in the capacity of a general information magazine for the people of Daelim by becoming a link for communication between students, alumni and faculty members. Lastly, as a medium for exchanging emotions of preliminary students, we will contribute to make the people feel more of Daelim's culture.

Daelim Broadcasting Station

The sound of the intellect, Daelim Broadcasting Station was established as 「Daelim Broadcasting Club」 in February, 1978. Based on the educational ideology of the college, we have contributed to promote the proper right of students, enhance refinement and create an academic atmosphere. So far, we have held 17 concerts & 16 broadcasting festival and benefited the emotional campus life of the college members by conducting regular broadcasts 3 times a day. From 2011, we have started to broadcast 「Today's Chinese」 with the cooperation of our students and international students from China. We ask for the support and interest in the future activities of Daelim University College Press and Daelim Broadcasting Station. Our door is always open to students with bright ideas. Thank you.

Chief Editor of Daelim Press & Broadcasting Station

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