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Switching majors

Related regulations

Article 22 of the School Regulations, Article 5 of the Academic Regulations - Guidelines on Switching Majors


To encourage students to study and to minimize educational losses by providing students with an opportunity to choose a major more suited to their aptitudes.

Eligibility and Required Documents
  • Eligibility:Freshmen in the 2nd semester / Sophomores in the 1st semester, currently enrolled or due to return to school ( ※ Students enrolled on a 3-year course may apply to switch majors in the 2nd semester of their sophomore year.)
  • Required Documents: ① One copy of the application to switch majors ② One copy of the transcript of grades.
Notice for Applicants
  • Students may be allowed to switch majors regardless of their current major.
  • If a student wishes to shift to another department with a 3-year course, his/her course will be regarded as having been extended to 3 years.
  • Switching from a daytime major to a nighttime major is not allowed ? Students may only switch between daytime majors or between nighttime majors.
  • Students are allowed to switch majors no more than twice while enrolled at the school.
  • Approval to switch majors is based on the same criteria as the entrance examination specified per each department; however, the target department may not approve of the switch.
  • Foreign students who have been admitted to the school via screening are required to have passed TOPIK at level 3 or higher in order to apply to switch majors.
  • If a foreign student’s major falls in the categories of engineering, art, music, or physical education, he/she shall take the Korean language course at the International Exchange Institute of Daelim University College for more than 6 months and submit the certificate of attendance issued by the institute, and should have TOPIK at level 2 to be able to apply to switch majors.
  • Students who are enrolled on industrial consignment education or intensive major courses are not allowed to switch majors.
  • Special entrants for linked education are not allowed to switch majors.
  • Switching from a 3-year major to a 2-year one is not allowed.
  • Switching to the Department of Early Childhood Education is NOT allowed.
Notice for students who request to switch majors is accepted
  • Students accepted to switch majors must earn more than 54 credits (80 credits for 3-year course students) in order to graduate, including the required subjects for their previous major.
  • Liberal arts credits earned for the previous major will be acknowledged.
  • Students accepted to switch majors may not be allowed to graduate if they lack major credits.
  • However, students whose major course has been closed will have their earned credits acknowledged for the major according to Clause 7 (3), Article 16 (Application for acknowledgment of credits) of the Academic Regulations.
  • Students accepted to switch majors are not allowed to change their school registration status such as dropout or leave of absence in the semesters of that year .
Selection Criteria and Procedure

Selected according to the screening criteria of each department (division).

  • STEP 01

    Filling out the application to switch majors
  • STEP 02

    Submission of the application to the current department
  • STEP 03


    at the target department

  • STEP 04

    Announcement of the result


  • STEP 05

    Course enrollment and registration

Please refer to the information notice on switching majors for the screening schedule and criteria per semester.

  • Department in charge Educational Administration Team
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UPDATE : 2021.03.06