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About Daelim

College Development Plan


To contribute to the prosperity of Korea by training
technical professionals who will serve
as the basis of industrialization,
and by running a ‘citizen cultivation program’
based on the humanitarian ideal of education.


To cultivate cultured students,
innovative technicians,
and diligent professionals.

Goals of Education
  • Goals of EducationTo foster professional talents equipped with a strong sense of duty through vocational education.

  • To foster talents equipped with problem-solving ability that are capable of leading continuous innovation through innovative education.

  • To foster talents with a considerate and cooperative spirit through experience-oriented, personality education.


To become the world’s best specialized vocational education institute.

Goals of Development
  • To innovate the system of professional vocational education.
  • To specialize in professional vocational education.
  • To guarantee employment through job-centered education.
  • To achieve sustainable development.
Concept of Talent
  • Active
  • Creative
  • Ethical
Key Projects
  • Direction of

    Innovation-oriented vocational education tailored to the needs of the knowledge-based industry.

  • Five Major

    • Innovation of vocational education

    • Enhancement of students’ competency

    • Innovation educational condition

    • Continuous innovation of the college

    • Strengthening of regional-industry-academia-government cooperation

  • Key Projects

      • Development and operation of the curriculum for the innovation of vocational education
      • Enhancement of the quality of vocational education
      • Reinforcement of consumer-centered field training
      • Enhancement of students’ competency in vocational education
      • Enhancement of employment capability
      • Reinforcement of capabilities in creative convergence and startup
      • Strengthening of the competitiveness of faculty members to improve the performance of vocational education
      • Reorganization of the lifelong guidance professor system to improve the performance of vocational education
      • Strengthening of the competitiveness of college employees
      • Innovation of the industry-tailored educational environment
      • Improvement of the vocational education-oriented information system
      • Establishment and operation of the integrated student record management system
      • Enhancement of the employment rate
      • Innovation of the undergraduate (department) portfolio
      • Establishment of the performance management system for financial support projects
      • Establishment of the performance-based evaluation system
      • Improvement of the student enrollment rate
      • Enhancement of students’ satisfaction
      • Improvement of the talent selection system
      • Enhancement of the college’s brand value
      • Securement of financial health
      • Implementation of globalization
      • Strengthening of connection with social demand and enterprises
      • Expansion of resources for attracting future admissions
      • Strengthening of cooperation with local communities
  • Department in charge Policy Planning Team
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  • FAX 031)467-4988
  • E-MAIL
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